Science Education Resources

Data literacy tools


What:     An easy data manipulation tool for graphing and interpretation

Why:   Give students the opportunity to learn with data without the frustration bottleneck associated with early graphing experiences in Excel

Data Nuggets*

What:    Bite-sized data sets with instructions to guide student exploration and learning

Why:     Enable project-based learning and build engagement by using relevant and real data sets to work on real-world problems

Hot topics and science literacy

Letters to a Pre-Scientist*

What: Students (i.e. “pre-scientists”) exchange letters with a scientist

Why: Demystify science careers by creating personal connections with a real scientist pen pal. 

Newsela – Math & Science

What:    News articles on current topics in math and science adapted by reading level

Why:    Get students excited about new discoveries in science and fun ways to use math; sorting by skills, language, and reading-level create an accessible science exploration experience

Next Generation Science Standards*

What:    Guidelines and resources for integrative approaches for improved science education

Why:     Search and explore content and ideas for helping students learn science through crosscutting concepts, disciplinary core ideas, and science and engineering practices

Coastal Resilience on the Eastern Shore*

What: A Mapping tool to explore the Eastern Shore’s changing coastlines.

Why: Explore environmental conditions and change in your own community, including the option to examine how environmental change maps onto socioeconomic conditions in our local population.